Getting ready for a trip abroad for business, leisure, or school? Join our free global community and connect with a native who lives where you are going. Learn language, share cultures, and ask questions. Be more prepared before you go!

Here's how connecting with members of our WeSpeke community can help you have a more successful, enjoyable, and memorable trip.

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Be more comfortable and confident with a bit of language. Know how to check into a hotel, take a taxi, ask for directions, order food, etc. Our short, interactive travel-based Lessons will give you just what you need. Find a native speaker on WeSpeke to practice what you've learned! They'd love to help. And then maybe you can help them learn your language.

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Connect with WeSpeke members online or offline using text, audio, or video. Ask questions about money, food, weather, clothing, transportation, customs, and safety. The best way to find out this information is to ask someone who lives there! Concerned about a language barrier? Use our built-in language tools to help.

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Build your personalized WeSpeke Notebook of key vocabulary, expressions, and information that you've learned in conversation with your WeSpeke partners. Add more content from other digital sources. Review the content and practice before you go. Reference it during your trip. Revise it after your trip.

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  • I just talked with someone in Peru on WeSpeke and if that isn't the coolest thing then idk what is!WeSpeke User
  • WeSpeke - the polyglot Facebook - “intelligently combines a social network with language learning”
  • I'm from Vietnam, where the native language is Vietnamese. I have used WeSpeke for two months. At first it was to practice English, improve and maintain my level, or to learn other languages. Now, I also find it useful in finding/making friends and stay connected with them. Your site is amazing…WeSpeke User
  • WeSpeke is, at the moment, the best of these sites, which uses the magic of the Internet and the web camera for chatting with people who speak fluently the language you are trying to learn.Navigaweb
  • What differentiates [WeSpeke] from other such websites is the fact that it allows for actual real time practice with native speakers of the learner’s target language…Learn That Language Now
  • Imagine a mashup between Skype and WordReference and you are thinking of WeSpeke.TM International

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