Welcome to our innovative three-step language Lessons. You'll be ready to chat with a native speaker within 30 minutes!

The WeSpeke Lessons are short, focused modules that help you achieve your language goals.

Advance at work or get a new job

We're writing Lessons for specific professions and skills. Tell us what work-related content you'd like to learn and practice in a WeSpeke Lesson.

Pass a class or a language test. Learn because you love languages.

Taking a language class at school? Practicing on a language app? WeSpeke Lessons will give you even more practice including chats with native speakers. Coming soon! Lessons to help prepare you for language exams such TOEFL and IELTS.

Travel with confidence knowing important words, expressions, and culture tips

Practice before you leave home with our travel-focused Lessons: Order food. Check into a hotel. Take a cab. More Lessons to come in more languages! Travel like a local with the WeSpeke Lessons.

Build your language skills with guided instruction and practice

Pick the Lessons that focus on what you want to learn. Each Lesson takes about 30 minutes and includes vocabulary, grammar, culture, audio, visuals, activities, self-tests and chats with native speakers.

Start with a free Lesson!

We'll start you with a FREE Lesson. You can then purchase very affordable Credits and access more Lessons in the WeSpeke Shop.

Buy Lesson Credits at the WeSpeke Shop

Use the WeSpeke Shop to add Credits to your Wallet using a major credit card. Credits are sold in local currency or U.S. dollars. You can buy Credits in increments of two, five, or ten and then redeem them for Lessons. 1 Lesson = 1 Credit

What Lessons are available?

Join WeSpeke (it's FREE) and check out the list of Lessons in the WeSpeke Shop. We're just getting started so look for new Lessons going online.

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Don't find the languages or topics you want? Let us know. We'll work to get Lessons written to meet your needs.

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  • I just talked with someone in Peru on WeSpeke and if that isn't the coolest thing then idk what is!WeSpeke User
  • WeSpeke - the polyglot Facebook - “intelligently combines a social network with language learning”ActualFluency.com
  • I'm from Vietnam, where the native language is Vietnamese. I have used WeSpeke for two months. At first it was to practice English, improve and maintain my level, or to learn other languages. Now, I also find it useful in finding/making friends and stay connected with them. Your site is amazing…WeSpeke User
  • WeSpeke is, at the moment, the best of these sites, which uses the magic of the Internet and the web camera for chatting with people who speak fluently the language you are trying to learn.Navigaweb
  • What differentiates [WeSpeke] from other such websites is the fact that it allows for actual real time practice with native speakers of the learner’s target language…Learn That Language Now
  • Imagine a mashup between Skype and WordReference and you are thinking of WeSpeke.TM International

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